Top Job Posting Tips

Job ResourcesSo you need a new Delphi developer or C++ Builder developer, how do you make sure you attract the best talent!

Attracting the top developers starts with a good job posting. To help you along the way here are out top tips!

Think about the job title

Job titles are the first thing developers see when searching for or looking at jobs. Job titles help give a first impression to the developer about what you are looking for. Keep it clear and in focused.

Paint the picture in the description

The purpose of posting a job is to spark a candidate’s interest in the available position. Job postings that have detailed descriptions get the most applications! Remember, developers don’t know anything about your company or the role and this is your chance to sell your company to them!

Discuss compensation!

You may not want to give exact pricing so discuss a range, especially if its above industry average, and remember to include your currency.

Use Keywords

Developers search on keywords, so think about using key phrases to describe your job. Words like Junior, Lead, Senior, Architect, Manager all help to describe what your looking for along. Also consider listing the components you specifically need experience using.

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