FAQ’s other Candidates have asked

Here is a list of the FAQ’s we are commonly asked, can’t find what you want to know, email us! We recommend you start with our How it works page before reading the FAQ’s.

How do I post my CV?

What should I include to create an effective CV?

  • Add a photo – The profiles with a photo get the most views
  • Complete the “My Resume” section of your account as this is what employers search on.

How do employers contact me?

  • Once you have applied your full details are accessible to employers, make sure your email address and phone number are correct. Employers may also search CV’s to fill new vacancies and if you get headhunted on Delphi Jobs Board then the employer has paid to be allowed to contact you.

How is my CV promoted?

  • Employers can search CV’s on Delphi Jobs Board using specific categories that make up your résumé. Additionally, our site uses advanced SEO algorithms to ensure your profile is easily found online.

How can I apply for an advertised job?

  • If you see a job you like, click on it and scroll down to apply online. You can add in a cover letter if you want to stand out from the crowd.

How long will my CV be on the site?

  • For as long as you leave you account active.

Does it cost me anything?

  • No, Delphi Jobs Board is funded through advertising so candidates post their CV for FREE!

Are contractors allowed to post their CV’s?

Yes – We welcome all Delphi and C++ Developers seeking full time, part time, contract or intern work.

What happens if I get a job how do I remove my details?

  • If at any time you want to remove your details. Log into your account and either set it inactive (so you don’t appear in the search results, but still have a sharable CV online) or delete your account. You can update your account from the Employee Panel

Are my details secure and how are they used?

  • Delphi Jobs Board uses industry standard encryption to secure the website traffic and doesn’t store any passwords (just password hashes). Your details will be used as per our terms and conditions that in short allow you to be found by employers and us to provide you your online résumé.

Can I stay anonymous?

  • You can set your account to be invisible to in site résumé searches by changing your privacy settings under “My Resume” in the Employee Panel.