FAQ’s other Employers have asked

Here is a list of the FAQ’s we are commonly asked, can’t find what you want to know, email us! We recommend you start with our How it works page before reading the FAQ’s.

How much does it cost?

  • Signing up to Delphi Jobs Board is free; you only pay when you want to post a job advert or unlock the resume of a developer who hasn’t yet applied for your job listing. Memberships (a combination of Job and résumé credits) start from $195 and single job adverts from $125 https://www.delphijobsboard.com/0/pricing-overview/
  • Free adverts are available for a limited period of time and are subject to approval and are limited to two days listing.

What is a membership?


What do I get for my fees?

  • All jobs are tweeted to the community via the @DelphiJobsBoard twitter account.
  • Depending on your job listing it will be visible for a number of days online.
  • When you post your first job, you get a dedicated URL for your company that displays all your active jobs.
  • Premium jobs get most visibility; they are featured across the site and get included in regular mail outs to our registered developer lists.


How long will the job be advertised?


How is my vacancy promoted?

  • All job posts are automatically tweeted to our followers and sent nightly to those subscribed to searches that match your job listing. Premium job posts are featured across the site also send out via our popular regular mailshots which achieve double the industry average for click through.


How do I access Résumés / CVs?

  • You can access the complete CV of a developer when they apply for a job you have posted. You can also use our résumé search to locate developers you may be interested in and then purchase their CV either using membership credits or paypal. To view résumés use the Resume Search https://www.delphijobsboard.com/0/resumes/advanced-search/


Can I search the whole database?

  • You can use Résumé Search online to search for developers that you would like to talk to. Only developers who have a current public profile can be accessed via the search.


How do I know that I am looking at real developers?

  • We show you almost everything on developer résumés. Check the developer has taken the time to complete their profile before unlocking their contact details.  


What information do you have for candidates?

  • It can be as little as a name and email address, right up to their full RAD résumé. Candidates are encouraged to complete their public profiles immediately when signing up. Clicking on the candidate will show you everything we have to share about them.


Why are you better than a traditional employment agency?

  • In short, Delphi Jobs Board saves you time and help you find developers easier and cheaper! Employment agencies will typically charge 20% of the annual salary and provide you a stack of CVs that are hard to compare. All developer résumés on Delphi Jobs Board are displayed in a uniform format making it quick and easy to compare and pinpoint the ideal candidate with full access starting from only $25 per CV.


Do you network my vacancies elsewhere?

  • The job listings go out via our popular twitter feed and linkedIn. You can also share the job postings via our integrated social sharing links on every job posting.


How is my data used and protected?

  • We use accredited SSL certificates on the site to keep it secure and all passwords and hashed in the database to make them unreadable..


Who are you and why should I use you?

  • Delphi Jobs Board is setup and run by a team with many years experience serving the Borland / CodeGear / Embarcadero community. Having recruited many developers into global teams in the past, we used that experience to setup Delphi Jobs Board.
  • Delphi Jobs Board is an accredited technology partner of Embarcadero Technologies. .