Alan Conroy

Experienced Full-Stack Developer
Experienced Full-Stack Developer
  • Experienced full-stack software engineer and database architect.
  • Expert software developer with experience in Delphi, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML/CSS, assembler, C, C++, BASIC, bash, and DCL, with experience in Firemonkey and VCL.
  • Consistently estimate delivery times within 10%.
  • Quickly author technical and user documentation, specifications, and application help.
  • Experience on numerous hardware and software platforms, including business and personal computer systems running Windows, Linux, and minicomputer O/S as well as experience setting up and managing cloud resources using Amazon AWS.
  • Developed and maintained projects from 100 to over 800,000 lines of code.
  • Detailed knowledge and experience using OOP, functional and regression testing, coverage analysis, multi-lingual component integration, and modular design.
  • Able to work effectively on my own or in a group, remotely or in-office, as a junior member or as the lead.
  • Experienced in data and code conversions, migrations, and re-engineering.
Delphi, C++, HTML/JavaScript, PHP, SQL
Length of RAD Experience
10+ years
Deployment Platforms
Windows, Windows Server, Mac OS X, Android
Web Deployment
Visual Frameworks
VCL, FireMonkey (FMX)
Multi-Tier Experience
REST Clients, REST Server
Misc Project Types
Component Building, Dynamic Link Libraries
3rd Party
AQTime, Project Jedi, TMS - FireMonkey


BS, Computer Science @ Seattle Pacific University
Sep 1979 — Jun 1982
Majored in computer science with an emphasis (minor) in business administration.


Sr. Software Engineer @ Biblesoft, Inc.
Jan 2019 — Jan 2020
Wrote a native multi-platform app running on Android, Windows, and MacOS, to replace an older and slower app. Wrote PHP/MySQL code to extract online store data (Prestashop) for calculating and reporting on royalties to replace an older and inaccurate process.
Lead Programmer/Analyst @ Biblesoft, Inc.
Jan 2012 — Jan 2019
Redesigned a database system to replace an inadequate prior design. Designed and created web services written in PHP to access that database system. Wrote test suite and online management system for the web services. Wrote a Pascal program to convert from files using an internal SGML to SQL and used it to import over 1,500 books into the online database. Wrote extensive technical documentation.
Lead Programmer/Analyst @ Biblesoft, Inc.
Feb 2000 — Jan 2012
Technical lead for a small team of programmers doing maintenance and enhancements of company's product, consisting of over 800,000 lines of code in C++ and Delphi, running on Windows. Wrote technical documentation, led architecture and implementation of enhancements, and set development direction in response to product needs.

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