Chris Rabey

Experienced system architect/analyst/developer
Experienced system architect/analyst/developer

I have been involved in software development for the past 45 years.

I started with assembler programming and as computers got faster and bigger changed to higher level languages. I regard learning a new language as a challenge rather than a problem. I have used a lot of languages over the years, many of which dont exist any more eg Forth.

I started using Delphi with Delphi 1 20 years ago and have had many progressions to the latest Embarcadero XE version. Since then i have mainly used Delphi and C. I have written systems for booking meals, sport facilities, a stock control system, a Point of sale system, a parking system, and electricity pay as you go system, an access control system - all in Delphi.

My best attribute, as my boss at the time pointed out, is that I can almost immediately understand a system and can invariably work out the best way to proceed.

My best job was my last - owning the company. I had to be involved in everything. Coding, testing, installation, maintainance, development, management, customer liason, sales, invention and finding new technologies and products.

I have now retired but want to keep working part time doing projects if anyone needs help. I have written code for mainframes, minicomputers, pcs and microprocessors.

Phone Number
Delphi, C++, HTML/JavaScript, PHP, SQL
Length of RAD Experience
10+ years
Deployment Platforms
Web Deployment
Visual Frameworks
VCL, FireMonkey (FMX)
Multi-Tier Experience
REST Clients, REST Server
Misc Project Types
Component Building, Dynamic Link Libraries, IntraWeb
Database Components
Access, MySQL, MSSQL, Postgress, Sybase ASE
Reporting Components
Rave Reports, Quick Reports
3rd Party


M @ University of CapeTown
Feb 1969 — Nov 1974
B.Sc Electronic Engineering (Hons)
Msc Electronic Engineering


Owner / Developer @ RCL Technologies
Apr 1989 — Oct 2016
RCL Technologies designed,developed and maintained a debit card system for Universities. Features include:
Prebooking of meals and control of these meals at meal time
Point of sale - cash or card
Stock control
Photocopier/Printer control
Access control
Laundry control
Sport booking and control (squash,tennis etc)
Software Development Manager @ Westinghouse Bellambie
Mar 1985 — Mar 1989
Overall control of software development for Railway Signalling systems.
Implementing and enforcing software standards.
Tendering for contracts.
Leading research projects in Artificial Intelligence, expert systems and networking.
Started as programmer, finished as software manager @ Telkor
Feb 1975 — Feb 1985
Wrote software systems for various telecontrol systems
Petroleum Pipeline - Master + 16 outstations all on hot standby. Written in assembler
Fisheries Research Vessel - 5 scientific systems for a new research vessel. Witten in Fortran
Automatic Fare collection - pilot system for railways. - Master and 10 stations. Patnered with french company Crouzet. Written in Fortran, PLM80 and assembler
Pay Telephone - developed a public phonebox system for SAPO.
Large telecontrol system - development of large system for Escom catering for 1500 outstations. Written in C, PLM80
Other smaller control systems and railway signalling.

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