Juan Pablo Lecocq Perez

Experienced Delphi developper since ver. 1
Experienced Delphi developper since ver. 1

Engineer, with more than 25 years of experience in the management of a Company in the wood industry. Manager open-mind, focused on adapting the Company to the environment, increasing productivity through integrating processes.

Diverse and continuous training in the use of computer tools, operating systems and programming languages ​​Delphi over the last 24 years, SQL databases, tools for creating reports SAP Crystal Reports and SAP Dashboards

Phone Number
Delphi, SQL
Length of RAD Experience
10+ years
Deployment Platforms
Windows, Windows Server, Android
Web Deployment
Visual Frameworks
VCL, FireMonkey (FMX)
Multi-Tier Experience
DataSnap, EMS
Misc Project Types
Active X, Component Building, Dynamic Link Libraries
Database Components
Access, InterBase, MSSQL, Oracle
Reporting Components
Fast Reports, Report Builder, Rave Reports, TChart, Quick Reports
3rd Party
Project Jedi, IP*Tools


Master @ MOC-1013 Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Development
Oct 1999 — Dec 1992
Master @ Master in Visual Programming (Grupo Eidos)
Oct 1996 — Jul 1997
Master (340h) managing visual tools such as Delphi.
Master @ Master in Marketing and Business Engineering (CESMA – E.T.S.I. Industriales UPM).
Oct 1996 — Jun 1997
Master in Marketing and Business Engineering. (900h)
Eq. UK 1st British Bachelor degree @ Engineer, industrial section (E.T.S.I. Montes – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
Sep 1983 — Dec 1990
Sis years Bachelor Degree equivalent to UK 1st according to UK NARIC


Developper @ S.A. Belga de los Pinares de El Paular
Dec 1992 — Current
The Belgian Company of El Paular is one of the enterprises with more seniority of Madrid Region. It has been developing its forest activity and first transformation of the wood since its foundation in 1840. From the 1950s, the Company developed a hotel activity in its facilities of Madrid City. In 2001, this hotel activity was sold to Metrovacesa. In 2008, the construction sector suffered a deep crisis, which entails a restructuring and adaptation of production to demand.

My main responsibilities are:
-Commercial manager, responsible of sales and stocks control in the warehouse.
-Management and supervision of forestry work (Mount “Cabeza de Hierro”)
-IT manager, as DBA and Delphi developer.
-Head of Administration, accounting and interlocutor with external audit.
-Head of production and maintenance of the sawmill, in Rascafría (Madrid).

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