Pawel Piotrowski

Delphi Expert

I'm a delphi developer since around 2001 and some years before that as a hobby.


here are just some of my more interesting projects:


• kfz-Meister ( Complete solution for car repair shops. With extensive master data management for customers, vehicles, articles, labor values, suppliers and employees, all business areas can be organized: outstanding debts, Invoices, incoming orders and due orders. A detailed checklist for the overview of sales, gross profit and stock value is just as possible as the creation of serial letters for appointments and lists for vehicles and an open item management.
There are dozens of interfaces between the various car part dealers, car dealers, vehicle manufacturers and accounting programs.
The interfaces use a variety of communication technologies, such as: SOAP, REST, XML, XLS, DDE, COM, .Net Assembly, Memory mapped files, windows messages) and more.
Among others, the following plugins/interfaces are supported:
Atris, Centro Digital, DAIHATSU, EBV, Elekat, Web Elekat, Renault (different systems), Repdoc, Stakis, CPL, parts imports (xml, xls, ascii, dBase, Verbas), Autoteile Plus, Birner, CARAT, Citroen, Dialogys,EU Reifenlabel, HATZ-Diesel, Kramp, PV Kompass, StahgruberOnline, Team-Kamm, TecDoc,, SilverDAT 3
There is also a general version for craftsmen of all kinds: MecMeister (

• Program to track / analyze the stock market, serves as support in making buy / sell decisions. I programmed the part that collects and processes the stocks / market values. As well as the part, which then sends this data to the clients (client / server communication via encrypted websockets).

• BrainTrain Projekt: Integrative neuroscience school on brain function and disease - - das Herzstück, welches die ganzen Analysen vornimmt wurde von mir geschrieben.

• LMS: Teaching Management System: a web based tool for medicine universities
Features: user management; Course, event management; Room, resource management; Video recording of events, students tests, and so on .; VideoPlayer (including commentary, checklists); personal event history; Public event overview (guide board, today's events); Live data collection (comments, checklists);

.NET Bridge – Plugin for InstallAware (the install tool Embacadero is using for delphi)

• ADM Clear View: Call managing & Ticket tracking tool: Tool to support the work of the Application Service planner at Lucent Technologies.

• House Designer: An application that allows the user to draw his home in 2D and then export to 3D, then virtually move around in his new home.

• Biobserve Viewer Plug-Ins: A set of animal and behavioral science plug-ins.

• Biobserve 3D Tracking: A Microsoft Kinekt based image recognition of animal movements for animal and behavioral science.

• Gaze Analyzer: A behavioral science program. Allows the pursuit of the human eye. Collect behavioral data for further analisis.

• PlanIT !: An easy-to-use organizer with calendar, ToDo list and reminders. Currently integrated into the kfzMeister.

For more projects, please visit my portfolio at:
You will find there a description of the 3d game engine and some games I wrote.

Phone Number
Delphi, C++, C#, HTML/JavaScript, PHP, Python, SQL
Length of RAD Experience
10+ years
Deployment Platforms
Windows, Windows Server, Android
Web Deployment
I.I.S., Apache
Visual Frameworks
VCL, FireMonkey (FMX)
Multi-Tier Experience
DataSnap, REST Clients, REST Server, SOAP Clients, SOAP Server, XML Documents, WebBroker
Misc Project Types
Active X, Component Building, D-Unit, D-UnitX, Dynamic Link Libraries, IntraWeb, UML
Database Components
Access, DB2, Firebird, Informix, InterBase, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, SQLite
Reporting Components
Fast Reports, Report Builder, TChart, Quick Reports
Misc Components
3rd Party
AsyncPro, AQTime, Beyond Compare, DevArt, Dev Express - Grids, Dev Express - Other, Eurekalog, LockBox, Project Jedi, Raize Components, RemObjects, SynEdit, TMS - Cloud, TMS - Grids, TMS - FireMonkey, TMS - Planner, TMS - VCL

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