Richard Berends

Delphi 3 to Tokyo, 20+ years versatile
Delphi 3 to Tokyo, 20+ years versatile
  • Silicon Valley (M4 Corridor), United Kingdom
  • December 4, 2017

Chief technologist at Lanboss - developing a number of ‘Cloud to Pocket’ technical initiatives, primarily as joint venture developments which is the modus-operandi for the company; to develop branded products under co-development agreements.  Creating solutions from inception, feasibility studies and undertaking market testing of conceptual products, invariably focused on the value/financial proposition.  Project Management of the development process from architecture, product roadmap, creating MVP, development, testing, alpha, beta to final release, including creation of manuals, technical marketing, training courses and other support materials.  Solutions include:

  • Churpr - a Beacon technology solution that addresses the shortcomings of today’s proximity offerings.  Presently a fundable project, with 4 identified patents and MVP in development.  The result is a cloud-based ecosystem comprised of a geo-sensitive NoSQL database coupled with Delphi Berlin FMX native Android/iOS mobile apps.
  • Preview - An Oracle Financials report formatting, management and security tool
  • Filer - A GDPR compliant file system auditor incorporating IAC as a large scale data-intensive management system
  • Developed a native app standard architecture for cloud to pocket solutions using NoSQL, REST and JSON.

Primary developments now based on Google App Engine, AWS, Ubuntu Linux, MEAN stack, Golang and Mongo cloudware, with Delphi XE family for Android, iOS, OSX and Windows client technologies within a cloud / premise / hybrid architecture.

Full Profile:

Phone Number
Delphi, HTML/JavaScript, PHP, SQL
Length of RAD Experience
10+ years
Deployment Platforms
Windows, Windows Server, Mac OS X, iOS, Android
Web Deployment
I.I.S., Apache
Visual Frameworks
VCL, FireMonkey (FMX)
Multi-Tier Experience
DataSnap, REST Clients, REST Server, XML Documents
Misc Project Types
Active X, Component Building, D-Unit, D-UnitX, Dynamic Link Libraries
Database Components
Access, Firebird, MySQL, MSSQL, Postgress, SQLite
Reporting Components
Fast Reports, TMS Charts
3rd Party
Dev Express - Grids, Dev Express - Other, Eurekalog, LockBox, Project Jedi, TMS - Cloud, TMS - Grids, TMS - FireMonkey, TMS - VCL

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