Rick McGee

17+Years Delphi/Client Server Developer



I’m a highly motivated self-starter offering a 20+ year track record of diverse skill sets dating back to PC-DOS/MS-DOS 1.1 and Intel 8086 (x86) PC/AT compatible systems. Experience with MS Windows include 3.1, 3.11, NT 3.51, NT 4.0, W2K, W3K, XP, 7 and 10  I offer great success developing application and system level solutions for desktop/server deployment using Delphi (Pascal) object-oriented, event-driven methodologies in multi-tiered and client-server environments.  Experienced in developing complex Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) translators for processing fixed-file BISAC (ANSI X12; Book Industry Standards and Communications) and EDIFACT (ISO 9735; Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport). Successful in navigating complex technical environments, reverse-engineering legacy data processes and work flows. I offer proven System Administration skills of server hardware/software platforms, configuration, load balancing and implementation of security strategies. I offer database administrative experience of several Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), security implementations, schema modeling to 3rd normal form, and development of stored procedure and trigger code, performance tuning and optimization, implementation of physical/logical database backup/recovery and system fail-over strategies, RDBMS-to-RDBMS synchronization and planning, analysis, coding and execution of database migration and cross-over strategies.



Object Vision Associates – Self Employed | Belleville Illinois                                                               February 2008 – Present

Senior Delphi Developer - Developer, Architect and Copyright Holder of PATRIOT

  • This proof-of-concept software developed entirely with Delphi 7 exposes several security vulnerabilities in all desktop and server versions of Microsoft’s W2K, W3K and XP.
  • PATRIOT allows any unauthorized user to capture user names and passwords regardless of length or complexity.
  • PATRIOT effectively defeated the Graphical Identification and Authentication (“GINA”) security model without modifying GINA in any way.
  • Stealthy yet effective, PATRIOT creates sub-processes which inherit all security privileges of NT Authority defeating Group Policy.
  • PATRIOT’s binaries and registry modifications can infect another workstation or domain controller in less than 250 milliseconds using rudimentary Ethernet 100Mbps peer-to-peer system tests.
  • Moreover, the PATRIOT vulnerability remains fully functional and uncorrected unto this day.


United States Air Force | Headquarters Air Mobility Command, Scott AFB, IL                            June 2001 – February 2008 

Database Administrator, System Administrator & Senior Delphi Developer

  • Responsible for management of 4 RDBMS’s; Training Management System (TMS) MS-SQL 6.5, Suspense Tracking Application for the Command Staff (STACS) MS-SQL 6.0 and MS-SQL 7.0, and Remedy Action Request System 3.2 (ARS) help desk incident reporting system for all command and control system used throughout the command formally known as C2Remedy. Its RDBMS was Oracle 9i comprise of 4 Oracle instances.
    • Monitored all database performance and modified their schemas, stored procedures, triggers, table-level constraints, views, applied security patches, and development of all backup/recovery/fail-over strategies.
    •   Solely responsible for building all ARS production platforms upgrading from Oracle 7.3 to 9i. Hardware platforms were Compaq DL 380 dual XEON CPU’s, built-in 4-disk RAID and 1-hot backup. The C2Remedy platform supported 400+ end-users and 32,000 customers for 24/7 help desk operations.
  •  Created several vital Oracle interfaces supporting the Global Air Transportation Execution System (GATES) and Consolidated Air Mobility Planning System (CAMPS) (Classified Systems)
  • Conceptualized and developed a server mounted service application; “Postmaster for Remedy©” which pre-processed and routed all outgoing emails generated by the ARS tier to either a primary or alternate relay. Developed entirely with Delphi 7 Enterprise was a fully configurable, and interfaced with a custom Windows event log recording all activity generated for administration.


Midwest Library Service | Bridgeton, Missouri                                                                                                   June 2000 – June 2001
Senior Delphi Developer

  • Responsible for life cycle management of over 300+ locally developed e-business applications developed in Turbo Pascal and Delphi Enterprise including modifications and upgrades of all CGI web-applications, EDI and countless shell script processes.
    • Other responsibilities included the administration of all process used to filter, store and transmitted properly using a variety of EDI BISAC and EDIFACT, EBCDIC and ASCII (fixed and non-fixed formats), logs and AS400/DB2 tables.
    •   Developed a complete EDI EDIFACT (ISO 9735) translator to support emerging e-commerce book ordering trends. The EDIFACT standard is published by the EDItEUR Message Development Group. The United Nations/Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport (UN/EDIFACT; ISO 9735) has become the international EDI standard mandated by the United Nations. Special Note: No COTS for EDI existed at the time of this development.


True Manufacturing | O’Fallon, Missouri                                                                                                  June 1999 – December 1999

Senior Delphi Developer/Software Engineer

  • Provided on-site client/server system analysis and programming support to the world's premier manufacturer of refrigeration products as an independent consultant.
    • Contractual obligations included maintenance and upgrades to existing production applications, database migration and normalization, and development of new business processes.
    •   Development tools used to support the company’s business processes including Delphi Enterprise versions 3 and 4, J.D. Edwards World Vision v7.3 and IBM’s Client Access to access DB2 tables on an IBM AS400/e series mid-range supporting 250+ customer service representatives on a NetWare v4.11 and Windows NT 4 Server network platform’s.


Xerox (formally, ACS Government Solutions Group, Inc) | Greater St. Louis Area                             June 1996 – June 1999
Principle Systems Development Specialist

  • Provided on-site custom application programming support to the St. Louis District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Information Management Office supporting 11 locally centralized Divisions and 15 field sites.
    • Responsible for analysis, design, data modeling and deployment of new applications and life cycle management of 40+ business applications written in Clipper, FoxPro, dBase, Oracle, Fortran, and Delphi Client/Server Suite v2.


Xerox (formally Computer Data Systems, Inc) | Greater St. Louis Area                                              January 1995 – June 1996 

Software Developer and Task Leader
•   Provided on-site programming support to the St. Louis District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Engineering Division using Delphi (Pascal), CA-Visual Objects, Clipper, dBase III and FoxPro.
•   Responsible for life cycle management of the Engineering Division’s Project Management and Scheduling System as well as 34 other administrative and business applications used to support personnel of the Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical and Civil engineering branches.

Logistics Management Engineering Inc. | 4300 Goodfellow Blvd, St Louis, MO 63120               April 1994 – January 1995

Senior Programmer/Analyst
•  Responsible for the complete development of the Army Aviation and Troop Command's (ATCOM) Material Support Tracking System used for tracking supply requisitions and monitor on-hand quantities for each rotary wing aircraft under its command.
•   Personally dispatched to Fort Carson, Fort Campbell and Hunter Army Airfield to represent ATCOM for need assessment to proceed with a conceptual model for this system. The Material Support Tracking System was deployed throughout the Continental United States, Korea and numerous European locations.


COBRO | Greater St. Louis Area                                                                                                                            August 1993 – April 1994
Director of Data Operations
•  Directed the daily operation and life cycle management of the Technical Data and Provisioning and Publications Information Management System and supervision of a data processing team of 10, 2-software developers, and 3-typesetters supporting over 200+ users.
•   Directed system administration of an integrated Xenix/Unix platform mounted on 3 Intel 310/311 microcomputers and a UNIXSYS 5090 mainframe interface running UNIX R3.4 in an OpenNET network.
•   Directed and participated in maintenance of existing embedded SQL and C language programs, Unix Shell Script sub modules and analyzed customer requirements for development of new application modules upon request.


DynCorp International | Greater St. Louis Area                                                                                                            April 1993 – August 1993
Senior System Analyst

  •  Responsible for providing extensive modifications to the Army Aviation and Troop Command's, Technical Publications Management System. Analyzed customer requirements, database requirements and coding style to implement changes to this legacy application that supported 100+ end-users.


Tele-Comp Information Systems, Inc. | Belleville, IL                                                                           March 1992 – October 1992

Senior System Analyst
Responsible for analysis, design, and development of a PC based, MS-DOS application used for the electronic data exchange of medical claims from health care providers to numerous insurance carriers adhering to specifications mandated by the Health Care Financing Administration.


Volunteer Work                                                                                                                                                    August 1990 – August 1991
Independent Developer

  • Conceptualized and developed the Airfield Suitability Report software donating the compiled work and application code to the Air Mobility Command. Designed for logistics planners who need to review information on airfields surveyed for use by the United States Air Forces' Military Airlift Command, ASR was distributed to the Army, Navy, Air Force, FAA, NATO and civilian contractors in support of national security. A functional copy is available upon request.


United States Air Force | Langley AFB, VA                                                                                                October 1983 – August 1990

Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge, Air Defense Information Center
• Responsible for the selection of and installation of all hardware, software, and evaluation of existing information systems for use within the Continental United States (CONUS) North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) Region Operations Control Center (ROCC).
• Designed and directed construction of the Air Defense Information Center which included plans for customized workstations, secure communications, electronic and physical security systems, lighting, environmental systems, and ergonomics.
• Spearheaded a 5-member team to determine the hardware, software, and training requirements for the implementation of an administrative LAN to be used by battle staff personnel of the CONUS NORAD ROCC.
• Performed all duties as system administrator for the CONUS NORAD ROCC LAN including maintenance, configuration, and physical security of all PC/AT systems and 10 VAX II and 2 VAX III midrange classified systems.
• Responsible for the development of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile and Fighter Aircraft Interception timing system used by ROCC battle-stall personnel during periods of increased readiness and operational readiness exercises.
• Conceptualized and developed an electronic reporting system (COM-STAT) used to up-channel critical strategic aircraft supply deficiencies from subordinate air defense fighter squadrons to higher headquarters.
• Author of First Air Force Regulation 400-1, “Air Defense Logistics Status Reporting System”. This document provided supply and maintenance activities guidance on reporting status of unit aircraft, spare engines, supply status, and FAA radar status.


Branch/Component From To Assignment(s) United States Air Force June 20, 1980 August 1, 1990 48th Fighter Interception Squadron
Headquarters, Air Defense Tactical Air Command
Headquarters, 1st Air Force Missouri Air National Guard August 2, 1990 March 4, 1994 131st Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron United States Air Force Reserve March 5, 1994 May 13, 1996 932nd Civil Engineering Squadron
DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARDS: National Defense Service Medal; Air Force Commendation Medal with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters; Air Force Achievement Medal; Air Force Reserve Meritorious Service Medal; Humanitarian Service Medal; Stripes for Exceptional Performers (STEP) Promotion E-5 to E-6 (1985); and Tactical Air Command, Commander’s Trophy, for Maintenance Professional of the Year (1982).


·         Oracle Security, Best Practices QUILOGY Services, St. Charles, MO ·         Oracle 9i Database Administration QUILOGY Services, St. Charles, MO ·         Object Oriented Analysis and Design United States Air Force, Scott AFB IL ·         MicroStation Development Language (MDL) (C++) Bentley Systems, Exton, PA ·         Introduction to Oracle Oracle Corporation, St Louis, MO ·         Aerospace Management Certificate Community College of the Air Force ·         Non-Commissioned Officer Academy Tyndall AFB, FL ·         Non-Commissioned Officer Leadership School Langley AFB, VA ·         Non-Commissioned Officer Orientation Course Langley AFB, VA ·         USAF Supervisor’s Course Langley AFB, VA ·         Construction Management Technology Southwestern Illinois College, Belleville, IL



Phone Number
Delphi, SQL
Length of RAD Experience
10+ years
Deployment Platforms
Windows, Windows Server
Visual Frameworks
Multi-Tier Experience
Misc Project Types
Component Building, Dynamic Link Libraries
Database Components
DB2, MSSQL, Oracle
Reporting Components
Report Builder, TChart
3rd Party
Project Jedi, Raize Components

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